Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tasha Frontal Necklace

Tasha Frontal Necklace
You know that J Crew Bubble Necklace that is everywhere? I fully admit to owning 2 of them, but I find them a bit hard to wear. They're big and bulky for work, I lean over to examine a patient and I have to hold it against me so I don't hit the kiddo in the head. At home, my 2 year old just keeps grabbing it and wants to pull it off me. So, they've been relegated to days that I'm not working, but have a "mommy day off". This does happen, but it's really only a few times a month.

The Tasha Frontal Necklace has a similar feel to the J. Crew Bubble. It is big and playful, and there are a ton of options to add a fun pop of color to any outfit. But since it doesn't hang down, it avoids all of the problems I have with the other necklace.

Did I mention it is 1/3 of the price?

Buy the Tasha Frontal Necklace at Nordstrom

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