Friday, August 1, 2008

Canvas Weekender Bag

I know that it isn't practical for Paris, but I used to wish I had a bag exactly like this for weekend trips (that was back in the day that I made weekend trips to visit my parents and such, currently no one is close enough to visit for just the weekend).

Brooks Brothers Canvas Weekender Bag


  1. Wow. I saw a dupe of this bag at forever 21 for $30. Not the same quality, sure, but for only a few weekends a year? Why not?

    This would work as a carry on for Paris, by the way. Or do you have a carry on already?

  2. I have a carry on already actually, it's a dark grey bag from Ralph Lauren with the RLL logo embroidered on it, in addition to wheels which I love!

    Even better, it was on-sale at TJ Maxx a few months ago. They had matching luggage at that time, hopefully I'll be able to find some.