Thursday, July 3, 2008

Paris, Here I Come!

If you read my other blog then you'll know that I recently found out that I'm going to Paris with Total Beauty! I've never even used my passport, so this is beyond huge and I am already obsessing about what to wear! So, as I shop you can bet that I'll once again start posting things here.

Typical October Weather in Paris:
According to the weather channel there are some rainy days with an average high of 59 degrees and low of 46 degrees

So far, this is my Paris shopping list:
Trench Coat
Black Pumps: obviously I already have some of these but mine are all a bit worn out and I want some very comfortable ones. I'm really thinking that the Cole Haan ones with Nike Air in them might be the best bet. I'm debating about toe shape, here in So Cal we wear a lot of pointy toed shoes still, sometimes round toe depending upon the outfit. I wonder what shape they're wearing now in Paris?
Statement Bag: I've been very good and haven't bought a bag in a LOOOOONG time (meaning, I've only bought 1 clearance Michael Kors bag in the past 14 months or so) I'm hoping that my hubby will realize I'm a good girl and let me buy a "big bag" for my birthday, I'm thinking another trip to the YSL outlet near Palm Springs is in order. I'll need a structured bag, big enough to carry around my camera and stuff but not so huge that it feels like I'm carrying around all of my belongings at once. Black is good, but it might be fun to have a metallic or a pop of color.
Black Dress: Obvious, I'll need it to go out it in!
Amazing Skirt: Somehow I think that even though it is a bit colder in Paris than I'm used to that I will need to wear skirts. Somehow, in my crazy mind, one can not go to Paris in pants.

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